“No Curveballs” Book Review: Delaware County Daily Times

No Curveballs book reivew

“No Curveballs” has been out for several weeks, and it is already getting fantastic press.

Last weekend, longtime sports columnist Jack McCaffery of the Delaware County Daily Times gave the book a glowing review.

You can read an excerpt from the book review below:

Bill Werndl has been covering sports since the 1960s, as a TV producer and a talk-show host, making friends, making enemies, making enemies who would become friends. He has memories.

“Playing baseball behind the Penn Fruit on Chester Pike,” he said. “With a wrapped-up ball.”

That was one. There were more that he gathered, growing up in Sharon Hill. And not that he was ever opinionated about sports or anything, but he is believed to be the only high school student in history to leave a school because it fired the football coach. And he wasn’t even on Bonner’s team at the time.

But that’s Werndl, “Billy from Philly” as they called him for 12½ years as one of the most popular radio hosts in San Diego. He was popular because he knew how to talk sports, all sports, not just one topic, not just compiling a list, not becoming imbedded with teams the way that profession has turned.

You can read the rest of Jack McCaffery’s review of “No Curveballs” here.


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